Hike It Baby 30 Sept. 2017: Week 4 & Wrap Up

Fall weather has finally graced us with its presence, and other than an odd 90-degree day this past week, its been mild and wet. It was much more enjoyable to get out, although reminded me that we are in need of new rainboots for T. I’ll start by admitting that I didn’t hit one of my big goals for this month, and I easily could have with an extra walk, but it just didn’t feel that important. I spent more time focusing on my own fitness, so sometimes we just did fun park stuff, then I would go to the gym later on solo. I exceeded other goals though, so I feel pretty good about how the challenge went this time.

Last Saturday, we decided to check out a local trail, Meadowdale Beach, which is great for little kids. T did the whole thing himself, even the long set of stairs towards the end. At one point, I exclaimed about the difficulty, and he assured me, “You can do it!”. It makes me feel good that our encouragement and positivity has rubbed off on him.

I ventured out to the Big Four Ice Caves with our local Hike It Baby branch. It was the first time I’ve attempted a non-urban trail hike with both kids on my own. Si did really well in the pack, and T didn’t hardly complain once. Its too bad its so far out, and half an hour out of cell range, because its an ideal pre-k trail.

We did two stroller walks, and for our final day, we did a neighborhood bike/stroll/hike/play time.

I didn’t hit my stroller miles goal, I was short by about 2.5 miles, which is pretty lame of me because thats like, a 45 minute walk I could have squeezed in pretty much any day. We hit our overall 30 mile goal, and I exceeded my goal of hosting my first Hike It Baby meetup (I did 3!). I am looking forward to the November challenge because THAT will be difficult, and it lands right when I need the motivation to bundle the kids up and get them outside.

The final tally for Hike It Baby 30 was 48 miles and 2,024 minutes (almost 34 hours) outside for T, and a little over 50 miles and 2,049 minutes outside for Si. As usual, I don’t really count the time T spends playing in the backyard on his own because, well, that’s not much of a challenge. I gained a lot of confidence in organizing Hike It Baby events, and I am feeling a lot more comfortable getting outdoors with both of them. It really helps that T has gotten so strong and listens very well too. I don’t really have to worry about him taking off or doing anything excessively risky. He seems to have a good idea of appropriate boundaries without me needing to constantly remind him to be safe. Hoping we can get in some nice fall color hikes before it gets too much colder.


Hike It Baby 30 Sept. 2017: Week 3

Today was an especially long day. The kind of day that drags on and on, with only a few minutes going by between checking the clock. I think the knowledge that Justin would be working late, thus my solo-parenting hours were extended until after bedtime, made the time creep extra slow. Our time outside today was split between the playground at the library and sandbox time for all three of us. The baby LOVES the sandbox. I am not sure that his enjoyment was quite worth the sand that ended up in every crevice of his diaper, mouth, and skin, but he was happy so there is that.

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Trail Log: Summit Lake

Its been a month since we’ve been out on a real trail. T requested a sleepover at his Papa’s, so we thought it would be a good time to do a carrier hike with Si. Justin found this little hike near Mt Rainier National Park, in the Carbon River area, called Summit Lake. Overall, it ended up being a lot easier than we expected, but we didn’t do the summit portion at the end. Dense smoke has shrouded the best views, so I’m not shedding tears over avoiding the last climb.

The road up to the Summit Lake trailhead was rough, even in our 4runner. Wide spots in the road were packed with people shooting firearms into DIY targets on the hillside, and we passed a completely burned out car that blocked half the road. We discussed theories on how the car ended up there, only to end in fire and bullet holes. It was moved to the side on our way back down.

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September 2017 Hike It Baby 30: Week 2

HiB 30 has gotten me out a few extra times that I normally would have driven or stayed home, but overall, I have been very laid back about it this month. T spends a lot more time outside in his sandbox, but that feels too easy to count. Its not much of a challenge to let him run around in the backyard in his underwear while I drink coffee inside. It has given me a framework to start planning my days around, which has helped me immensely in my day-to-day. I tend to fall into these feelings of uselessness, where the hours go by slowly and I don’t leave the house for days. I downloaded a weekly and daily planner from Scattered Squirrel, laminated them, and committed to using them regularly. Having a place to check my own progress and set small goals has seriously improved my mental health. That being said, this challenge week was a mixed bag.

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September 2017 Hike It Baby 30: Week 1

I had high expectations for activity this week. I figured I would get in at least 8 miles in the stroller, plus lots of time out at parks. Unfortunately, a combination of events has caused a very slow start for us. Heavy smoke rolled in from the Eastern Washington fires, and I ended up sick most of the week.


On Tuesday, I hosted my first Hike It Baby meetup at a local park. We did a “Bike It Baby” where the kids brought their scooters and bikes to do a short, paved loop before spending the rest of the late morning on the playground. About halfway through the loop, I saw T and another boy stop and crouch down to inspect something on the path. They had discovered The Most Interesting Poop Ever. It was black and probably belonged to a coyote or berry-loving dog, and soon all of the children were gathered around pointing at it. Other than the playground, it was probably the highlight of their walk.

Miner’s Corner is a county park in Bothell, WA, and it is a great place for this sort of activity. Its short enough that children who are still learning their wheels won’t get too tired out (and mom or dad won’t end up having to carry their bike too far…), but long enough to get out and pretend to be in the forest for a bit. The first time I visited this park, T was maybe 18 months old? It wasn’t well suited for him. There is a small slide and sandpit, but not many baby swings and the rest of the play structure is more appropriate for 2 and older. T is now 3 and other than the very highest slides, he can climb and enjoy most of the playground.

Other than a short stroller and nature walk, we mostly stuck to the backyard this week. The ash drifting from the sky was a deterrent but its cleared up now so this week should be more productive. We built T a sandbox for his birthday so outside time will be easy to come by.


Hike It Baby 30: September 2017

Sometimes having a hardline challenge goal is just what I need to get life in order. Justin took his last month of parental leave in August, and while that made my day-to-day much easier, I completely gave up on any semblance of a schedule for my day. The biggest reason is that it seemed like more work to try and get Justin to stick to it than it was worth, and having two adults in the house during the day made it feel less necessary to be as organized. A lot easier to get out of the house with twice as many hands. We did quite a bit of hiking, but I did less solo exercising otherwise. So here is my chance to make some goals and get on track.

Goals for this challenge:

  • 30 stroller miles. I am trying to get in shape for some running and tougher hiking goals next summer, and getting in stroller miles will help me get outside and work on that. I would also like to compile a list of nearby stroller-friendly walks.
  • Host my first HiB meetup. Ideally, at least two times but once a week would be better.
  • 2 Trail Hikes. T is officially too big for the carrier, so I am adjusting my expectations accordingly.
  • Attend 4 HiB meetups. There is one we usually do each week but I want to broaden my horizons a little.

Like in April, I aim to make a weekly post journaling my goal progress. Here’s to 30 miles!

Trail Log: All Summer I Was Lazy

It all started when Justin bought me Overwatch, and suddenly my short bursts of free time became consumed with playing video games instead of writing in a blog. But realistically, I was just lazy. July was pretty busy for us, and he took most of August off as his last month of parental leave. But I am here to play catch up, all in one lovely post.

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