When I was in my early 20’s, I would frequently hear people talk about how having kids ended the fun and active parts of their lives. When we decided to have our first child, I was determined to make sure children weren’t the end of adventure, but the beginning of a lifestyle that I hope will build a foundation for their childhood. In 2015, my dad invited us to hike Mt. Pilchuck with the family for Father’s Day. Little did we know that trying to keep up with my active parents (and grandpa…) on a single hike would lead to so many miles of family time and enrichment.

Having kids didn’t end our adventures, it enhanced them.
(Except for those on-trail diaper changes…)

Hiking also gave me something, something that helped me wake up from that postpartum drudge that I was having trouble coping with. It led to us making better health choices in other areas of our life, too. I learned to cook! Me, who used to consider cooking heating up something from a box. Eventually, I would like to climb some smaller summits and do some of the backpacking trips that our area has to offer. For now, we are just happy to get our kids out and enjoying nature, whether its in the backyard or the national parks.

My husband aka The Toddler Wrangler, usually packs our older son (T) or persuades him up the trail. We started hiking with T when he was 9 months old. Now 2.5 years old, his favorite outdoor activities are throwing rocks into bodies of water and jumping off…well, everything. I carry our youngest (Si) for now, until he is ready for the big pack. 8 Feet Outside is my attempt at math and wit (we each have two feet, and there are four of us…hah, get it? GET IT?), but really, its where I can journal our outdoor fun (and not-fun) so that I can remember the little things, and maybe share some experiences that will help someone else trying to get out on the trail with their family.