April HiB30: Week 4 & Wrap Up

With one last hike for the month on Sunday, we slid through home and hit our 30 mile goal for April’s Hike It Baby 30 challenge. I am really glad we were able to do it Half way through the month, I wasn’t sure we would get there with T taking toddler pace to a whole new level of slow. The challenge nudged me back towards leaving the house each day and I’ve felt a slight return to pre-Si normalcy. There were rainy days where I certainly would have stayed in if not for the challenge.

For the final week of the challenge, I hit all three of my weekly goals. On Saturday, we did a carrier hike in Central Washington (Trail Log: Ancient Lakes), which got us really close to our 30 mile goal. We visited the arboretum for a kid-led walk with my local Hike It Baby branch, and other than the part where I had two screaming children at the end, it was a lot of fun to get out with other kids and parents. Towards the end of the week, the sky was unexpectedly blue, so I took the kids for a stroller walk at the Brightwater Treatment Plant. Taking a walk through a water treatment plant sounds…weird…but the grounds surrounding the buildings have been made into a large park with a few miles of trails.

As of this past Saturday, I was less than a quarter mile from our goal, but I knew we were going to hike the next day. Sunday called for rain showers, so we took a trip to the rainforest. Ironically, it was not raining there, but

I’m satisfied with how we did on the challenge, and I did figure out the whole carrier nursing thing, which has been really helpful for short fussy periods. I still stop to let him out sometimes; I figure it can’t be comfortable to sit in a carrier all day without stretching. I wish we had gotten to more Hike It Baby meetups, I could really use some mom friends right now. I seriously underestimated how much more work it is to leave the house with two kids.

Our final numbers were 36.21 miles and 2,460 minutes outside. I didn’t count time when I released T into the backyard and sat inside drinking coffee because I didn’t feel like it was in the spirit of the challenge, but that probably would have added a few hours. The next challenge isn’t until September and I hope that we can set an even higher goal by then (although probably not the 180+ miles I saw some people finish with!).


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