April HiB30: Week 2

I meant to write this days ago, but we’ve been out of town since last week. My mom lives in Central Oregon, and manages an endurance ride there and I was able to go photograph it this weekend. A few years ago, I was photographing 1-2 rides a month, but between traveling and camping, its been a lot tougher to do with kids. Her ride is probably the only one I’ll photograph this year as we could stay at her house instead of tent camping onsite. Her internet is glacial in speed, so I didn’t spend much time on the computer while I was there.

I did pay myself early though, and I now have a hiking-friendly camera. I opted for the Sony a6000, but I still need to get some kind of belt pack or capture clip for it. Also looking into a small prime lens but that will probably have to wait awhile. It is going to take me some time to get used to, shooting with it feels a lot different than with a DSLR.

One of my goals was to meet up with a Hike It Baby group every week, but since we left on Wednesday and T was sick several of the days prior to that, we missed the meetups in our area. I did get out on one stroller walk, but I failed to bring a diaper bag with, and we had to cut it short due my lack of planning. I swear, its like I haven’t already been through the baby stage and I keep forgetting to do basic obvious things like pack diapers and spare clothes. We met up with an old friend of my husband’s last weekend for a hike at Flaming Geyser State Park with his kid (see my trail log here).

The biggest challenge we faced last week was T being sick. One, I feel bad trying to make a kid who obviously isn’t feeling it do anything other than eat crackers and watch Finding Nemo on repeat. Second, I don’t want to spread his baby plague to some other kid, so it seemed best to stay home. We made up for it at the end of the week when we visited my mom at her ranch, and he made us all wake up earlier than anyone should be expected to in order to feed carrots to the horses. Any time he could find someone willing to accompany him, outside he went. Last week netted us maybe 6 miles total, but lots of time outside doing toddler things.

With the spring weather forecast being unreliable at best, I am playing this week by ear, but hoping to get out for a picnic or something later in the week.


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