April HiB30: Week 1

One year ago today, the tulips were blooming early and the warm sun was showing its face regularly. We had started our hiking season in January, so when I took on Hike it Baby 30 for April 2016, I thought “Ha, piece of cake.” I went on a couple of short hikes myself, packing T, during the week. We went on long weekend hikes, usually 5-10 miles. We passed 30 miles with a week to spare. In the end, we logged 38.4 miles and 23.5 hours outdoors. And I didn’t even bother counting the days we just hung out at the park, or went to the Tulip Festival.

Now I understand why so many people were just happy to get outside a few days a week, or how hitting 30 miles really can be a challenge, even for people who love hiking and being outdoors.

I didn’t make it out on the trail last weekend, but I did stick to my goal of going on one stroller walk in the neighborhood, and one Hike It Baby meetup, plus a lot of backyard play/gardening and some park time. Together, we accumulated a whopping 4 miles. But, I or Justin got them outside almost everyday for at least an hour. Slowing down is a lot harder than I anticipated. On one hand, its a joy to watch T experience nature on his own terms, but I do miss being able to get out and do some tougher trails. T is a big kid, and I just don’t think I’m cut out for wearing both kids at once. I really admire the parents I see doing that, but I think it would stress me out.

So. April 2017, week one. We took out our new stroller and explored the neighborhood. We met up with Hike It Baby Seattle at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park and T seemed to really enjoy running around with the other kids, and moved a lot faster than he usually does. I had my first brush with fussy baby panic when Si immediately started wailing in hunger during the welcome circle. Fortunately, HiB is a great community and one of the mom’s kept an eye on T so that I could sit and nurse Si for a few minutes. Justin took them both to the park during my dental appointment (Which, if we’re being honest, I have some dental anxiety but having kids makes teeth cleanings feel like a mini-vacation). I got ambitious midweek and we went to a little urban trail nearby, where we did a wet, slow mile. T was even slower than normal, and later it became apparent he wasn’t feeling well. A combination of a crappy thermometer and my nerves sent us to the ER that night for fever, but he’s okay. I cancelled our plans for the following day, but by afternoon he seemed normal and the sun made an appearance, so we puttered around the backyard while the baby napped. I’ve never been more grateful to be in a house with a yard.

I met most of my weekly goals, and I hope this weekend and some better weather coming up will help me catch up.


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